Dump Runs

A Man & A Truck LLC can help you clear the clutter in your home by removing that old junk that’s taking up space in your life. We’ll take all sorts of your unwanted junk and do the dump run you’ve been needing.

Appliance Removal

Need to dispose of an old appliance such as a stove, fridge, microwave, or washer and dryer? A Man & A Truck LLC ensures proper removal and disposal or recycling of your used and unwanted appliances.

Donation Pick-Up

A Man & A Truck LLC can help those with a busy life making donating your unwanted items hassle-free. We will pick up your items, drop off what donation centers will take, recycle what we can, and dump the rest. Let us help you give back!

Eviction Clean-Outs

Evictions are exhausting. Let A Man & A Truck LLC make it a little easier, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll clear out all the items left behind after a move-out and sweep up after! We work with property management companies, real estate agents, private landlords, and more!

Garage & Storage Unit Clean-Outs

If you’re wondering the best way to clean out your garage or storage unit, the answer is A Man & A Truck LLC. Let us address your mess and help you reclaim your space.

Hot Tub Removal

Removing a Hot Tub is not easy. A Man & A Truck LLC can take away the trouble of figuring how to get rid of that old spa in your backyard with our hot tub removal services.

Cardboard Pick-Up

However you ended up with your excessive amounts of cardboard, whether you just moved into a home, love to online shop or maybe you are running a business with lots of cardboard left over from shipments – A Man & A Truck LLC has fast and professional cardboard pick up services. We’ll get it out of your home or business and recycled properly!

Furniture Removal

Buying new furniture is so exciting! But what do you do with the old furniture? Call A Man & A Truck! Let us do the heavy lifting and haul away your furniture you no longer want.

Post Construction Clean-Up

A Man & A Truck LLC is there to help whether you are a homeowner doing a DIY remodel or if you’re contractor working on a large project. We can remove construction debris safely. This includes lumber, metal, drywall, concrete and more.

Yard Waste Removal / Yard Clean-Up

Spring clean ups, fall clean ups, post storm clean ups, A Man & A Truck LLC can help get your yard waste removed and your cleaned up. We can remove the yard waste after you’ve done the clean up or you can hire us hourly to do the cleaning. Sticks, leaves, weeds, etc.

Commercial Jobs

A Man & A Truck LLC - Junk Removal loves working business to business. Whether you are a small business owner, or a manager of a large corporate company we can work with you. From small back room clean outs to large clean outs of furniture or hardware, A Man & A Truck can do the heavy lifting for your business.

E-Waste Recycling

If you have broken, obsolete or worn-out electronics book A Man & A Truck LLC – Junk Removal to remove and properly recycle or dispose of these electronics that have met the end of their life.

Pallet Pick-Up

Pallets are great for deliveries but can pile up taking up too much space. We pick up wood, metal or plastic pallets for those who don’t have the time or vehicle to remove those pallets themselves.

Property Clean-Outs

If you bought an investment property, or recently inherited an estate property that is too full and too big of a job for you, A Man & A Truck LLC – Junk Removal is the one call! We can handle the small jobs and the big full estate clean outs too!

Auto Battery Pick-Up

Did you know you could get fines for throwing away used auto batteries incorrectly? Don’t toss them out with your regular trash because not only is it illegal but it is harmful for the environment. A Man & A Truck LLC – Junk Removal can properly dispose and recycle of your unwanted car, truck, marine, RV or off road vehicle batteries.

And More!

A Man & A Truck LLC Junk Removal can handle all the different aspects of junk removal and cleaning out your property. We do various hauling and can be hired for labor as well. If you are looking for a service and you don't see it listed here, just give us a call. Let's discuss your job and we’ll see how we can do the dirty work for you!